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Create Your Creopay Account

Creopay is a fintech platform hosted on  dedicated “GDPR Certified” clouds. Register your personal or business details to start sending payment links. It will be your safe space where to upload all the lists you want to work on.

Your connection to the platform will be protected by the patented BLU5 technology SEDesk®.

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Upload Your Contacts & Send Payment Links

Easy, intuitive and customizable UI to immediately operate your branches. You can upload your contacts from a new excel list, or export it from your management software. You can also create single position manually.

Creopay creates immediately the batch that you can launch: reach out one or thousands of customers in just one click.

With your customers

Few Clicks to Pay & Go

Just receving a text message, an email, or an in-App notification, your customers will able to click on the link and pay the exact amount for the service you delivered or the product they bought.

You can also provide “by intallments” payment solutions with no addition costs.

step three

Instantly Review Cashed Positions & Create Reports or Analytics

Once you’ve launched the payment links, CREOPAY starts to track messages reach-out rate, incoming payments, channels hit-rate, payment methods and much more.

You can track payments and engagement rates live, then prepare reports in minutes, and be back on who is not paying.


Plug & play, makes you immediately ready to operate.

Even for free.

Annual Flat Subscription Plan

With your business team

Strategy Analysis

& Planning

Work with your team in order to prioritize further actions, or to reshape your customers’ relationship strategies. You can also understand the real Long Term Customer Value, or the long term ROAS from specific commercial or business development campaign or activities.

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